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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

Palenque was a good stop...

Palenque was a good stop, but it was great to be moving again. For the first time we hit a really good steady headwind. After a few hours we needed to land for fuel and food. We flew inland and tried to find a place to land around the town of Lerdo. This airport was also closed stakes placed in the middle of the runway. Apparently the military do this. What's wrong with these Mexicans? Don't they like aeroplanes? Olivier found a road into the wind and landed. I followed and near to the ground saw how rough the road was and tried to switch the motor off, but missed the key and in my distraction hit a large rock with the left back wheel. No damage, but still it made a nice sound anyway!

Olivier raced off in a truck and was back with fuel and food within 20 minutes. We refuelled, ate and raced into the turbulent air.

An hour before sunset, about 40 km to the south of Veracruz, we landed in a cow field well away from civilisation, on the plateau above some sand cliffs that dropped to the small beach and the sea. I landed first in an area that looked OK but was very rough. We taxied / bounced to the edge of the cliff and set up camp. All the cows ran away. Was it something I said?

After an hour the Mexican farmer arrived on horseback and greeted us and wished us well.

Slept under the stars. At about 3 am I awoke to a few drops of rain. We staggered around putting up the tent and just when we thought that it wasn't going to rain after all, it bucketed down.


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