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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

I spent some time tanning, today.

I spent some time tanning, today. I noticed an interesting thing. Yes, in the nude. Anyway, as I was saying, it was interesting for me to watch that as Willy got darker in the sun, it changed size, too. Now I know how this whole 'black is big' rubbish thing started. I wondered if black polish would work too well, it would probably shine a bit more, anyway.

Guido and I fetched fuel and spent a few hours trying to download mine and Olivier's e-mail. No luck.

I enjoyed the ride from the Flying Crocodile to town. Town is Samara, about 6 km away. It's kind of a wild ride. First there is Guido's driving, then there are snakes (serious some are poisonous and some are friendly and there are even a few Boa Constrictors Olivier nearly drove over one the other night a huge mother maybe a father), then there are lots of pink and purple crabs, then there are iguanas, then there are Black and Turkey vultures eating the snakes and iguanas that were flattened previously. But the most interesting is the river it is full of crocodiles (apparently they are quite friendly) and when the river is high after a good rainstorm, it comes in under the door and wets your feet. I hate waves inside a car!


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