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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

...great memories of Cali and the great Colombians we met

On Sunday morning we managed to get all our gear to the airfield by 7:30 am. By 9 am we were ready to go but had to arrange to get to the main airport to get our passports stamped and file a flight plan. The drive there would be an hour each way ... a flight only 15 minutes. We didn't want to land there again .... the landing fees were $56 each and somehow spending that on food and fuel seemed like a better idea. Two local Ultralights took us there (they don't have to pay) and after a very frustrating few hours of bureaucracy, we had everything done. After saying our goodbyes to all our great new friends, we took off from our ultralight airfield base, and headed north past Cali, the military base and the international airport.

We climbed to 9,500 ft and for the last time crossed the Andes mountains and headed for the coast. It was great to get going again, even though we will forever have great memories of Cali and the great Colombians we met.

There was a lot of cloud, we dived around the Cumulus clouds, enjoying ourselves. We stayed at 9500 ft until we at the coast, where we descended to fly the last 250 km low level along the beaches.

We arived at Nuqui after a 3hr 45 min flight, to a great welcome from Hernando and Richardo and their families. After taking some of them for a quick flight we walked to the hotel about 300 m away. We spent a great evening together, enjoying each others company and of course great food.


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