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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

I undid my belt and gave the camera a quick brown-eye!

Olivier went off to town with Randy while I stayed to catch up on my writing and flight log. It was rained all morning. After lunch we went to the airfield and were interviewed by 2 newspaper's reporters. One paper wanted Olivier and I to fly together and they fitted their camera onto the wingtip…. In the flight I undid my belt and gave the camera a quick brown-eye! We have been laughing ever since imagining some old duck who processes the films suddenly getting a picture of a hairy arse in amongst the other professional aviation pictures. Later we went to a small open-air restaurant and tasted some local food. It was tasty and the atmosphere good. The Colombians we have met have all been very cheerful and certainly have a great attitude about life. It is great to make so many new friends on a trip like this.

The area that we are in is not too different to many areas in Johannesburg, South Africa, although a little less organised.


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