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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

...we would spend 5 years in jail if we did that!

Took off at 7:30 am and headed for Piura, but the ATC told us to land in Chiclayo... apparently they had checked our authorisation and saw we were not cleared for Piura.

When we landed they asked for all the papers and the f*#king customs guy even wanted our customs document. Olivier told an interpreter that we would not deal with customs again after our time in Tacna, and the interpreter nearly had a fit and said that we absolutely could not say that to customs. We were interviewed for Peru channel 3 television at the Aero Club building. Some Mig 29 jet fighters took off from the airport and we were about to film them when some guys ran up to us and informed us we would spend 5 years in jail if we did that! The camera on Olivierīs wingtip was opened to check that there was no film inside. The boys here are paranoid -- well it's close to the border with Ecuador and they have the odd barney with them now and again it seems. I hope they do not have trike-seeking missiles!



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