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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

Olivier thought he had left his wallet in the hotel...

After our traditional sh*#ty hotel breakfast, we caught a taxi to the airport for our flight in a Boeing 727 to Lima. Olivier thought he had left his wallet in the hotel and so he caught a taxi back to town. His wallet was actually safely in his bag at the airport. We both have these anxious moments when we misplace something. To date (touch wood) we have only lost a pair of my socks - I don't know where – maybe a jackal ate them in the night!

The flight was delayed by 2 hours. Everyone seemed to think the delay was normal and quite short and no one cared that there was no announcement about the delay. This is part of the charm of Latin America.

After doing some washing we went to the shops to buy provisions for the next few days and to an Internet café to catch up on news and to send messages home.

The Internet is such a great way to keep in touch when you are travelling.


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