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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

...apparently Olivier got lucky with a pretty Dutch girl..

We took a taxi to the airport and worked on our trikes. We got Olivier's exhaust welded, and changed the oil on both trikes. I fixed a loose wire on the radio on my trike. I stopped off in town on the way back and sent some more e-mails, and wandered around a bit.

Back at Scott's place, Olivier and others had prepared a huge meal Gratin Dauphinois bloody marvellous food. Later we took some lessons on how to dance the Salsa (means sauce in Spanish). Colombian Salsa music played until very late. I went to bed at about 1am .apparently Olivier got lucky with a pretty Dutch girl. They were quite drunk and although Olivier promised her that he used a condom, she didn't believe him I overheard her asking him to show her the used condoms in the morning!


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