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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

A few days rest before my boet (brother) arrives.

I took off early for the flight to Windhoek. Martine and Andre were in the air ahead of me and waved enthusiastically to me as I passed them on my way south. Olivier, Manuela, Andre and Martine will travel to Walvis Bay in 2 trikes and a Land Rover (with a trike trailer) where we will meet in a few days.

My brother, Graham, will be flying with me from Windhoek to Cape Town.

The flight was easy, but quite nerve-wracking because the bush underneath me was very thick with absolutely no inhabitants at all. For the first 2 hours I didn't see a single person, fence, road, house . no sign of civilisation at all. Not even smoke! After 2 hours in the air I saw some tracks and then later a road and a house. After that there were more and more signs of civilisation and I relaxed a bit. I realised what comfort a flying partner gives you especially over parts of the world where there are no people and the lions are always hungry!

It was turbulent low level with a strong headwind, but at 8,500 ft I had a tailwind of between 25 and 45 km/h. Nice! The 442 km to Windhoek airport took me just three and a half hours. At the airport I persuaded the fire chief to let me park the trike in an empty fire truck garage.

A few days rest before Boet arrives.


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