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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

We had been given the green light to fly further south in Morocco.

Up early. After a quick breakfast, we loaded the car and headed to the airport. The trikes were fine but the wings had hundreds of snails attached to them everywhere. It took some time to wipe all the snails off. The snails inside the wing will probably end up in Johannesburg. Maybe I will be responsible for introducing the Moroccan killer snail into Johannesburg. Like the chap who introduced the Parktown Prawn, I could still make it into the history books.

Although we had been given the green light to fly further south in Morocco, the military controllers and the ATC wanted to see a copy of the fax from Civil Aviation. By 10 am the fax arrived. After filing a flight plan and checking frequencies and routes, we took off for Casablanca with Louis and Bahya. They were to fly with us to Casablanca where they would catch a train home again.

We were routed inland away from Rabat. It was great to be in the air and on the way again. Louis was very quiet in the back seat. He is a lot lighter than Greg, had no luggage and the tank was half full, so the trike felt light again. The turbulence didn't worry me at all with the reduced weight, although we were thrown around quite a lot.

After one and a half hours we landed at the small airport of Tit Mellil. A Moroccan TV news team was there to film and meet us and they interviewed Olivier.

We headed to a little café and butchery nearby. It was to be our last meal with Louis and Bahya. At the butchery Olivier and Louis asked for some steaks which we then carried to the café, where they grilled them for us. We enjoyed fresh orange juice, steak, tomato and onion salad and traditional mint tea. The mint tea is an amazing drink that everyone in Morocco enjoys. It is usually very sweet and is made from fresh mint leaves (and occasionally from a special dried mint).

Later we were taken to the TV studios where we were given the royal tour.

After Louis and Bahya were dropped off at the station, we headed back to the airport. One of the men working at the airport gave us a lift to the petrol station. We filled the tanks. Fuel is not cheap in Morocco at more than one US Dollar per litre.

At about 7pm Andre, a friend of Olivier's arrived to take us to dinner and to his flat for the night. We had a great evening.


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