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Mike's Pilot Log: South to South Adventure

Olivier made a tomato and onion salad, with cold meat...

After a late breakfast of coffee and bread, we refuelled, packed and prepared to leave. Olivier reported after taking off that his engine was running a bit rough, so we landed and changed all his plugs. His engine already has 381 hours on it. Took off again and headed down the coast, southwards towards Lisbon. The weather was great, a slight tailwind, and blue skies. We flew low most of the way, often just 5 feet above the beach. Every now and then we would spot a naked girl and we would swoop down for a better look. Yeeaaaaahhhhh, my hormones are playing up again. The Portuguese are shy reserved people, so none of the girls gave us a flash like they might be tempted to do in France and Spain.

We landed at a large airport called Cascais, which is near the Estoril racetrack. The airport was really too big and commercialised for us, so after a quick snack we took off for the south coast of Portugal. Before leaving we checked in at the tower and there we met a Portuguese girl who had grown up in Mozambique. She quickly arranged that we pay no landing fees.

The wind had picked up and pushed us along nicely. We had intended to land at a small airfield about 60 km south of Lisbon, but it was far from the beach and shops, and the turbulence made us nervous, so we decide to keep moving south until we found a better spot. The next airfield that we came to was in an even worse location, in an industrial area. Ok, the beach it is. Olivier reported that he had about 20 litres of fuel left, so we had to find a spot in the next 40 minutes. We landed on a sand road quite near to a little town called Porto Covo. The road was on the top of 100-ft high cliffs with a very nice little beach below. A swim was in order.

Being shy and reserved, the locals kept away from us we were starting to worry about getting a lift into town for fuel, when three Dutch people drove up to talk to us. They took us to town in return for a flight in the morning.

Olivier made a tomato and onion salad, with cold meat, a bottle of red wine, bread and Brie cheese for dinner. Pitched the tents near the trikes on the top of the cliff. The small moon turned the sea to silver. Slept badly because my mattress was punctured and the ground was like rough concrete. Had sex dreams the whole night!


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